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What is an Escape Room?

It is a game where a group of people, 2 to 6 persons, is locked in a room whose decor is specifically designed to indicate a certain scenario. As they race against the clock, they must find the clues, solve the challenging puzzles and unravel the secret messages which, eventually, will guide them to the purpose of the game, that is finding a way to escape the room. The clues and the messages follow the line of logical reasoning. Our scenario is linear. Every clue leads you one step forward as the story unfolds.

”Logic will get you form A to Z. Imagination will get you everywhere.”

Albert Einstein.

For this journey you must bring with you:

Logic, intuition, a keen sense of observation and one or several friends or co-workers.

Who you should fight:

There is only one thing you must fight against and that is Time. You have 60 minutes at your disposal to find a way out.

And this is what you get:

Loads of fun, excitement, adrenaline rush, thrilling sensations and a mind challenging game.



Escapetm contains fun and challenging puzzles your group must solve before your time runs out! Clues are tricky, but no special skills or knowledge is required.


Escapetm is the perfect team-building activity for your staff, co-workers, school, club or other group. Everyone must work together to escape from the room!


Escapetm is a great way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. Book any of our rooms and hold a private event just for your group!


Looking for a fun and unique activity for your friends, family, or out-of-town visitors? Escapetm is a one-of-a-kind interactive adventure that everyone will love!






60 minutes to find a way out

The Teacher

Theodoru M. is the Head of the Department of Pre-Columbian Civilizations at the Faculty of History and Philosophy. A tall and very pale-skinned man, who is s(ll young. But you can tell by his face that he is the sort of man with an intense past life, a past that makes young age seem even bitter than old age…


This is just an ordinary night, no different than any other. You’re going out with
friends. You’re going on a tram. And then, all of a sudden, something happens. You’re no longer in the tram. You’re trapped in the luggage van of an
old train…


Monday- Thursday

2 guests

50 ron/per person

3 guests

45 ron/per person

4 guests

40 ron/ per person

5 guests

35 ron/ per person

Friday- Sunday

2 guests

55 ron/per person

3 guests

50 ron/per person

4 guests

45 ron/ per person

5 guests

40 ron/ per person

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For your convenience, we have gathered the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Cannot find what you’re looking for? Reach us directly through our Contact Us page.

Q: What is an escape room?

A: An Escape Room is a live action game involving you and your friends while solving puzzles, overcoming challenges and deciphering clues to complete the mission and escape the room!

Q: Do I need any special knowledge or skills?

A: No, this is suitable for anyone who is willing to have fun and keep an open mind.

Q: After a game begins, can I exit a room and re-enter?

A: You may exit and return to a room at any time, but only in case of emergency. If you exit the room during your session, we will not stop the clock. Once the clock starts, it will not stop for any reason. We urge customers to use the restroom prior to their session to avoid having to interrupt their session. Should you wish to exit a room, simply contact our staff and you will be promptly let out.

Q: Are there any age resctrictions?

A: Anyone can play, but players under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: How many persons can join in this experience?

A: At Escapetm, the rooms are designed for a number of 2-5 persons.

Q: What if we cannot solve a puzzle?

A: During the game, you can request up to four Game Master hints, so do not panic if you’re stuck!

Q: Can I take pictures inside the room?

A: No photos and videos are allowed inside rooms. We put a lot of time and effort into designing and building our rooms, so we do not want to destroy anything for our next players.

Q: What if I'm late for my scheduled Escape Room experience?

A: Customers arriving more than 5 minutes after an escape room experience will not be allowed to enter an experience that has already begun. Instead, you will receive an entry in the next available rescue camera or you will be able to book for another date / hour. Customers should always arrive 10 minutes prior the scheduled hour.

Q: Can we stay in a room longer than 60 minutes?

A: No. Once your 60 minutes have expired, you must leave the room. There will be another group following immediately after you, so we need time to reset the room for the new group.


Please feel free to contact us

str. Diaconu Coresi, nr. 10

0745 207 374

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Terms and conditions

Our Escapetm games are based on logic, wit and sense of observation.

  • The game does not require any special skills or knowledge. There is no need in using your physical strength.
  • Solving the puzzles or decoding secret messages does not imply deteriorating or forcing the furniture items, the lighting or the surveillance installations.
  • The rooms design meets all the required safety regulations. The scenarios do not contain harmful elements or objects.
  • One key opens only one lock.
  • Please do not force the locks and the game mechanisms!
  • You have the right to ask for 4 hints.
  • It is not allowed to open the locks or the objects that are marked with yellow-green tape. These are not part of the game, and  they are solely intended for the proper functioning of the game. For your safety, we placed a few objects with the  „DO NOT TOUCH” warning tag on them, therefore opening or touching the objects with the warning tag is not required. Whenever you come across this warning, this means you do not need that particular object for finding the clues.
  • Each participant will be responsible for any damage that may be caused throughout the entire duration of the game (this applies to all the objects inside the room). The repairing or replacement costs will be borne by the participant.
  • Participants in game will be entirely responsible for any voluntary or involuntary physical or psychological action.
  • A team of 2 up 5 persons can take part in the game, depending on the room they opt for.
  • Access is permitted for anyone above 18. There is no maximum age limit.
  • The minimum age required to take part in the game is 10, in which case the presence of a parent or a guardian is mandatory.
  • For those above the age of 14 a parental consent is mandatory in order to take part in the game.
  • The escape game is not recommended for pregnant women, for people with heart disease, hypertension, claustrophobia, epilepsy or any other similar pathologies. If, against all recommendations, a person enters the game, he or she will do so on his/her own responsibility.
  • If a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he or she is not allowed to take part in the escape game. In such case, the organizers reserve the right to cancel or immediately interrupt the game, without a refund. Participants are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages or drugs inside the rooms. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • Participants must understand and accept the fact that throughout the duration of the game, the door of the room will be locked. The door will open and the game will end in 60 minutes, whether the way out has been or hasn’t been found.

Under exceptional circumstances, that were caused by health or safety issues, the organizers will immediately open the door.

  • Participants must understand and accept the fact that the game is being observed by the organizers through surveillance The use of cameras and audio/ video recording devices  is necessary and it is solely used for the proper functioning of the game and for proper interventions under exceptional circumstances.
  • Making recordings or taking photos during the Escapetm games is prohibited. In case of non-observance of these rules, the organizers will immediately interrupt the game. No refunds will be accepted.
  • You can make telephone or online reservations. In both cases, the reservation will be confirmed through an e-mail where you can find all the information you need. If your confirmation e-mail hasn’t arrived, please contact us by phone – 0745 207 374 or by e-mail


For cancelling or changing a reservation, participants must contact the team by phone or email at least 3 hours prior to reservation.

It is recommended to arrive to Escapetm at least 10 minutes before the scheduled hour, for taking part in the tutorial regarding the rules of the game.

I declare, on my own responsibility that I will respect the instructions and that I will not act in a way that could endanger my physical or mental health or other participants’ health.


I understand that the objects inside the room should be carefully handled, as any voluntary or involuntary damages will be my responsibility.


I understand and respect the decision of interrupting the escape game in any moment by the organizers, if they think the requirements, found in Terms and Conditions, were violated.


I declare that I understand that the Escapetm scenarios are the intellectual property of SC Smart Codex SRL, and that I will not reveal the elements of the game and I will not use them to obtain benefits.


I declare I will not reveal any details regarding the clues or the solutions, understanding that if doing so, I will suffer the consequences of my actions, through which I have caused brand damage to the intellectual property of SC Smart Codex SRL.